We offer top-quality services related to the installation of power infrastructure.

One of the main areas of our activity includes power infrastructure installation understood as the installation and construction of all power infrastructure components.

Owing to an experienced team of engineers specialising in the individual areas and excellent technical and logistic support, we are able to provide comprehensive services and implement the projects on our own from start to finish. High quality and short completion periods are our distinguishing features.

Our services include the following (among others):

  • Buried medium voltage (MV) and low voltage power networks; (nn);
  • Construction of transformer substations and distribution substations;
  • Installation of cable routes;
  • Electrical system installation;
  • Construction and installation of substations;
  • Installation of lighting, including emergency and escape lighting;
  • Installation of street lighting, site lighting and landscape lighting systems;
  • Backed-up power supply systems;
  • Earthing systems;
  • Overhead lines;
  • Removal of utility conflicts;

Please contact us if you have questions regarding our services in the area of power infrastructure installation.

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